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water in the glass
night with the stars

you came alone
with all your blemishes

behind the walls of your room
folded letters in hands

imaging a meeting
of our clouds

finishing line on lost roads
i found your black jacket

there were blue roses
roses of park

but, but they weren’t mine
time travel,

dewars in the glass
nights in the bar


red eyes and weeping skies.

The Fisherman Experience in Maldives


Maldives has the most exotic and beautiful sunny beaches and islands in the world. It is indeed beautiful when you get to hear the soothing sound of the waves touching your feet and the warmth of the daylight calms your soul. Maldives is most admired and famous equatorial stopping land in the world.

Maldives is considered the fishiest places around the globe, because of the vast variety of marine life under water. The second greatest industry in Maldives is fishing after tourism. People there, love fishing and it’s their favorite hobby.  Almost everybody in Maldives loves fishing, young or old. Fishing is the essential source of income for people living in Maldives.


The perfect crystal clear water and perfect amount of bright sunny light makes it easier for people to catch their right fishes. Tuna fishing is not only common but there is vast majority of tuna fish present in the seas. They export tuna fish to most countries in the world. However, net fishing is not allowed to practice in Maldives.  Recently, climate change has made fishing difficult for the locals and tourists. There are two seasons, in Maldives that will allow you to catch fishes in large amounts, it depends when you plan to go for fishing. The best time to catch fishes is from November to March. As the island is mostly sunny and warm. You will catch vast variety of fishes, which include sailfish, wahoo, tuna, GT, marlin and a plenty of more. There are many types of fishing in Maldives such as, reef, shore, pole and line, bait, jigging, pelagic, big game, night, leisure and fly fishing. The most common among these are big game, night, shore, bait, pole and line fishing. Fisher’s in Maldives live near the sea. Fishers spend most of their time in the sea. They go deep into the sea, to catch fishes but this makes it hard for them to take care of their boats. Generally fishers lead a very poor life but not in Maldives.

Most fishers in Maldives are quite happy and they live a peaceful life. They wake up early in the morning, and ready their boat with the other crew members. Almost every fish the fishers caught is by pole and line. The fishers return to their islands in the late afternoon. The people living in the island, welcome the weary fishers from their journey, and are excited to see the caught fishes. Then the whole process of cleaning the fishes takes place. Then they prepare their food and eat under the moon light and go to bed early.

Fisher’s life in Maldives is usually very simple and sweet. Sometimes because of bad weather conditions, the fisherman have to stay on the same island, they went for fishing. While staying on the island, they receive immense amount of affection and care from the residents. They become friends for life.


Ants are a very interesting creature created by Allah. There exist more than 12,000 species in the world. They mostly stay grounded, so they are able to hear, when they hear something that vibrates their feet, on the ground. All the animals and humans that Allah has created, serve a purpose in this world. We know that all animals can communicate in their own languages, with other animals. But we do know what they talk about? Has anybody has ever heard an insect talk to them? Well yes, one such a person has heard animals talking and have talked to them as well.

This person was our Prophet Hazrat Sulaiman A.S. He was the youngest son of Hazrat Dawood A.S. He was born in Jerusalem. His mother was Saba. Allah bestowed Hazrat Sulaiman A.S. with many great talents. From his childhood he was a bright kid. He was given a special ability, that he could talk to animals and birds and understand them. He also could command the wind. He was able to communicate in their languages.  After his father’s death Hazrat Dawood A.S. He became the king. Hazrat Sulaiman A.S then asked Allah for a kingdom and Allah accepted his prayer, and gave him his own kingdom. In the period of Hazrat Sulaiman A.S, there lived a very helpful ant. The ant would hard work for her people. She would put herself behind, and prioritize her community first.

One such day, when Hazrat Sulaiman A.S and his army which included all the different existing groups at that time, all the men, jinn’s, birds and animals were going through a valley, they were heading to Ashkelon. While they were passing through this valley, the head of the ants saw them moving closer to their colony, she warned all the ants, to go inside their houses, if we will not go, we might will get crushed by Hazrat Sulaiman A.S’s army. So she said to the ants;

 “O ye ants, get into your habitations, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you (under foot) without knowing it.  (Al Qur’an 27:18)

When Hazrat Sulaiman A.S heard this, he was quite astonished, that even the tiniest creature in this valley, knows that I am their Prophet. He couldn’t resist but he smiled at them and commanded his army to take a pause and wait until all the ants go back to their homes and said;

“My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favour which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.” (Al Qur’an 27:19)


He then, prayed to Allah and thanked Him for saving the ant lives. Then the army changed its route and avoided that valley. From this we understand that to Allah every creature’s life matters. We always have to be kind with the ants. No matter what, we can’t do injustice with anybody. We all are responsible for our actions, so we should keep this in mind, that if we will be kind and will good with others, we will get the same love, kindness and respect that once we gave to them.

The Greatest Military Commander of History

Since our childhoods, we all have heard many amazing and extraordinary stories about war fighters, but how many of us have heard tales about the exceptional warrior of Islamic history, Khalid-Bin-Waleed. He never in his life, lost any battle. Later on, he accepted Islam and fought for the Muslims. The Battle of Mu’tah, that was fought between the Romans and Muslims, was so acute and extreme that during that battle, nine of his swords were broke, which helped him gain the title of Saif ullah, which means, “The Sword of Allah”. He took part in more then fifty military campaigns.

Khalid-Bin-Waleed is still considered one of the most successful and determined war commander in the history. He was born in Makkah and belonged to Quraysh tribe, and he was well known for his wealth and his family’s charitable works. At that time, this tribe was considered capable and dynamic, the Qurasysh use to control Makkah. His father was known for his fine personality, that no one could match in Makkah. His father was the owner of many gardens in Taif. Khalid-Bin-Waleed stayed as a non-believer for 19 years after the Prophet Muhammad (p.u.p.h) was declared the last prophet of Islam. Khalid-Bin-Waleed attacked the muslims from behind, which made Prophet Muhammad (p.u.p.h) lost his four teeth, in the battle of Uhud. On that very moment, the prophet prayed, that how Allah will give this nation guidance, who doesn’t even respect their prophet, so further in Surah Al Imran, Allah commands the prophet that, you have no right on him, if Allah wants to give him guidance, He surely will. After signing the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, he accepted Islam and became a true believer of Allah and His Prophet. He became the protector of Muslim Umma and a loved sahaba and companion of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Khalid-Bin-Waleed was at front with Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), heading towards Makkah, with an army of 10,000 muslim soldiers, to purge all the false idols that Pagans had filled Makkah with and use to worship them. After the demise of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), Khalid-Bin-Waleed recovered many provinces, those who went astray and needed guidance from Allah. Abū Bakr sent him to capture Iraq, and there he secure Al-Hirah, which is now called Kufa. We can say this, without doubts that the whole Arab got united, because of the great efforts of Khalid-Bin-Waleed. He successfully defeated the Persian forces. Furthermore, he won the Battle of Yarmouk against the Byzantine army and put an end to their rule in Syria. Khalid-Bin-Waleed started his campaign in Syria, then Umar R.A removed Khalid-Bin-Waleed from his command, but he was still the leader of Muslim Umma. Hazrat Umar R.A then further clarified himself, as why he replaced him because then people would obey him instead of Allah and that is against the beliefs of Islam. As Khalid-Bin-Waleed became popular among the people and they started to rely on him, so the reason why Umar R.A removed him was to ensure people that there is none but Allah that we all have to rely on, Him.

This didn’t change him, he did his duties as the Caliphate. He continued to serve the Muslims and the rise of Islam started to begin in middle eastern countries. He is among the top most 20 popular military personnel’s of the world and ranks at number 20 out of 1,194. His leadership lessons are taught in US, middle eastern countries and in many different parts of the world.

Khalid-Bin-Waleed was the greatest leader, that Islam have and so far no commander has ever existed in the Islamic History like him. He died in Homs, Syria, in 642 at the age of 53. After his death, the whole Medina was in tears. Then Umar R.A ordered the people that do not weep for the one, who has gone to janaat (paradise).

In 2013, Assad’s army destroyed Khalid-Bin-Waleed tomb that is in Syria. The continuous heavy shelling affected the tomb and the mosque very badly. It is to be said, that the mausoleum is completely destroyed. May the ones who did this, meet their end soon. As everyone has to pay for their sins, if not in the world then hereafter.

One of Khalid-Bin-Waleed”s most famous saying, that Muslims firmly believe, is;

"When Allah decides a matter, it is done." -- Khalid ibn al-Walid

To my bestfriend, lucy whom I lost.


To lucy, my bestfriend,

5th, January, 2018 when she came into this world. I adopted her, it was the best day of my life. I was jumping here and there, that finally now i have a friend with whom i will  be able to share my countless secrets and things. Lucy was a great company, hands down. The first day: she was very nervous and didn’t know where to pee so she peed on our sofa. We use to give her food through syringe or dropper, considering that she was so little she couldn’t eat by herself. She was extremely beautiful, when she was little. Her fur was pure white and she had crystal blue eyes, we use to call them blue buttons. She became my best friend, during the days i use to feed her by hands, while i was feeding her she use to hold my hands with her soft small paws, like a baby. We were such great friends, that we use to eat, sleep, dance and workout together. At night, when i use to do my homework, she would come silently and sit next to me and then she would watch me doing my stuff. She loved to see and observe her surroundings, knowing her curious nature. She loved playing with papers and sheets. The minute she would see something like paper, she would start scratching it, and will not rest until the paper turns into a volcano of small pieces of paper. Her favorite go to place, was kitchen, where the food is. She wasn’t a friendly cat. She was always so mysterious, curious and loving with her family. She didn’t like to meet or see any cat, or anyone other then her family. So, everybody got to follow her rules.


She was not just my furry bestfriend but our family member. At night, she use to come and stand right in front of Abbu’s (Father) room and meow in a very sweet voice, saying to let me in, as i want to sleep on my table. We loved her a lot, more then anyone could imagine. Abbu use to treat her, like an innocent child.

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Monotono, Brainbox!


The first time I held his hands into me, It felt like I am at the top of my life. The moment caught us, we were so much into each other that we didn’t see the rest around us. If I was given the opportunity to go back, I would like to relive that moment again and again. How he was wandering around and calculating everything on his own, how I the one who always gets confuse about starting things, but figures it out a little. All the light was on us, like the sun is welcoming all the love. we never get full. Each day, we stuff each other with love and hopes. that’s all we have got. I don’t always measure the patterns, and nothing can’t be measured even if i have got the right digits. All the fuel I have today, is a treasure to me. A treasure, I fear I might lose and will not get back ever. Fears and guilt have always been my constant friends, sometimes they save me from things and sometimes they just make things a bit complex. When I shut my eyes, then you know what i enjoy the most after sea, it’s the warmth. Now, I let myself flow in any direction cause, whatever the direction i am following, i will reach my destination anyway. I have a lot of things, in my tiny boat it’s no longer abandoned. I am content with the love. That’s all i have which is complete to me. I do not need any explanation, about anything, as the love itself translates all. Our love is like, mirror it is exactly what it, is from the outside, pure and sweet like caramel. I have been tired from a very long time almost about everything but of love especially, as it always grew in me but always in me. You cannot indulge yourself, in many things that you aren’t fond of, just for the sake of having them in life. We were caught the wrong definition of madness, it isn’t to do something that most people who do not do it. It is to love and love like there is no love like this that has ever existed in the world before. Love seems to be a place, that brings out the best in you. It is something that didn’t arrive to me, but i had it somewhere, i am not aware of. There was no need to catch this butterfly with a net, instead this butterfly told me that, you only catch things greatly when you set them free. To the love that made me crazy.

The Wind, Friend


This is what the wind said to me, trust and everything will go back to it’s place. To wait for the perfect day light, as it never discourages the romantic. From dawn till dusk, i sit by the window and wait for that only one passenger that i know. I write and then smile, remembering all the beautiful moments we spend together. When the passenger is near, i can smell the perfume of red roses in the air. As if all the dead flowers are dancing, and the sea is in it’s own loving mood. I have began to walk again, in the night, I think when it’s dark i see things more openly. The wind, again came to me, carrying grief in its arms with a bitter news, that passenger has changed his road of journey. It means, that the passenger wants to leave before meeting his friend. But the wind kept following him everywhere. I guess, it was difficult for wind to stop helping her friend. She knew, by following him, she will go nowhere but she did it anyway. In the mean while, I realized that wind will always do things for me, without me asking her to do it.



there’s something that is missing since time, something that doesn’t have a name but it goes on. the heart is dry, and it speaks languages that brain doesn’t understand. thinking of, now who will walk with her in the nights. but despite of everything, she walks and walks to find her lost soul and searches for her belongings. she has forgotten how to sleep like a child. she escapes all the places of comfort and support. she use to think that if she will picture everything, those memories will stay with her. but the memories have turned into a bottle of grief and sadness. as the daily life and routine becomes exhausting, she returns back to her world made up of coffee houses and broken diaries. it’s both, when it comes it’s too much and when it goes it’s not enough. the unfamiliar rhythm pattern stays in her head. but she listens to love, like she listen to birds of her town. maybe she doesn’t know what she wants but she hears almost everything. maybe the word dead isn’t her favourite word and she doesn’t want to understand it too.

Safal, must.

in the middle feeling void and guilty, the sin comes first.
safal must forget the past times and follow the sky light

make a secret room for herself, where she can stay quiet and rest in oblivion.
create something and rose from the dead

love will change the colours of my city
walking through the valley of flowers and keeping the desires alive

slightly broken, tears streaming down my face and letting the emotions flow
and not picking any fancy words to write those dark whispers, in my diary

may she remind herself to sit and relax on the streets of her town once again, roam around with a coffee mug and bury the strangeness somewhere else

sometimes it’s hard for safal to allow her body to grow because she knows how it feels like to be a child who grew up in complete isolation

she now only cares about the world that she lives in and dies every night.

Dance For Good!


something is so good about dancing. like when your favourite part comes, your hands naturally start making waves and your legs start to believe that this the time to live. do you remember how in kindergarten, we all use to dance, tickle our friends under their ears and throw party balloons at each other. how all of this was only fun and games. but now if we look at ourselves, we’re stuck between being sober and enjoying the life. isn’t acting decent all the time, is taking our inside joy from us. how everything that makes people smile and forget their troubles for a while is considered cliche now. in dance we set ourselves free, the flowing music touches our skin, makes our body come alive and we get to experience the most amazing creatures, humans in beautiful movement. there are no final or initial results, when you’re dancing. don’t just encourage your kids to dance when they’re young, but when they grow up teach them that it’s important to continue the fun, so they are not full of remorse afterwards for just living. one should know how to breathe publicly and how to bring out all the love and energy. sometimes, your cerebellum needs to dance too. on a breezy day, with your friends/anyone or alone, tell your leg to move and dance without the smallest doubt in your head that you don’t look acceptable.

Breathing And Growing!

everyone has someone in their lives but what about those who don’t have anyone. everything around them seems fine, flowers growing, wandering people and clouds carrying rain in them but something is wrong. i’m talking about the people, who don’t wish to be alone but have become lonely. we don’t know, how rich we are until we’re left with only few. we do meet various people along the way, but somebody out there still sits alone, wondering it’s the end of the day and they’ve no one to tell, how their day was. just like you can’t avoid fire accidents, bad behaviors, anxiety and job interview stress, you can’t avoid seclusion. maybe a good line, can help someone go in the right direction. no one in their right mind, likes to die a slow painful death, everyday. i had many friends in the past, but before long i realized that many is a problematic word. now i don’t have friends or bestfriend, but i stay around kind people and somehow it’s better then being lonely most of the time.
we need to stop glorifying loneliness, when we’re going through tough times, as it encourages others that it’s okay to go inside the box and never come back. sadly, but we’re persuaded to think this way, that lonliness is normal. keep the little crazy heart safe, it touches many lives everyday. cherish your solitude but not lonliness.

living without home, is difficult. so, comfort others often.