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water in the glass
night with the stars

you came alone
with all your blemishes

behind the walls of your room
folded letters in hands

imaging a meeting
of our clouds

finishing line on lost roads
i found your black jacket

there were blue roses
roses of park

but, but they weren’t mine
time travel,

dewars in the glass
nights in the bar


red eyes and weeping skies.


The Random City, Karachi

I always wanted to explore the world. I want to smell the fresh flowers and the greeny leaves. I think pictures are not just memories but they are fancy feelings that you keep hiding from people. I like to be on roads and talk to strangers and give my life a meaning. When i look at the gigantic concrete towers and bulidings, i see people with doleful smiles and shatteted dreams. We as humans can turn their gloomy smiles into genuine smiles and to me this is the most beautiful thing we can do for them. From now, all my readers let’s make a promise that you and i will make someone smile without reasons, without words. This universe is full of dingy clouds and lies. 

I love taking pictures of the most random places of my city, Karachi. To me karachi is everything what i have. It’s not just a city but it’s a free world for everyone. It’s the never ending hope. A lot of people don’t understand their cities, they keep arguging on the facts like ‘oh this city is so polluted, my eyes hurt’ or ‘this traffic is killing me, i hate this city’ and many more. Give a chance to your city, just one more chance, see what happens next and hope.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said; “Everything that is done in the world, is done by hope” 

enjoy the treat, 

just another cloudy day in karachi

after the rain

the beautiful humming birds of east

a day to remember

the everyday karachi traffic 

and the vintage coffee cafes

the old city area, Saddar 

oh and the sweet cupcake bakeries, you never want to leave

and the artsy buildings you see

the great architecture 

you can sit under these beautiful trees and daydream 

 and the amazing food, you never want to forget the taste.

learn to love your city and keep it clean. karachi is still my karachi. it lives in our hearts and forever will. 

“coming back to karachi is like stepping into the sea and again after the months on land. how easily you float, and how peaceful is the sense of being borne along and how familiar the sound of the water lapping against your limbs” Kamila Shamsie.

a reminder for feelings 

  you don’t understand a flower untill you talk to them. important is to communicate with humans around you and to make a healthy bond with them. maybe they need you but they can’t shout at the world and say ‘oh we need somebody’. as a prestigious society we have forgotten how to interact with the little things happening in our lives. the right time never comes just like your job. somewhere in the mountains or somewhere in the roads or somewhere sitting on a chair at a restaurant or somewhere at a park or somewhere at your home, or somewhere near you or somewhere in the air conditioned classrooms or somewhere in dreams or somewhere at the edge of dying somebody really needs you, and that’s just you.

so become a sun shine for someone, and blow candles for them. making people happy is easy but making them feel good about theirselves is a task. getting up every morning and realizing you have a task today to make someone happy and encourage then to live life and to hope. 

growing older and older

you are a person everybody needs, 

a light everyone wants in the crowd

i was a poet but to you i was never one

it’s true i found you dead 

sometimes besides me, sometimes all alone

the visible scars on the hands, were the reminder of heaven

running like a runner but you still needed my speed

the london they only see the suffering in your eyes and the paris know all the lies  

when you smoke the world around you
it feels like the mountains are changing their place just to handle the smoke you created in the sky 

to look deiform being penny plain i learned the beauty from you

your face is like a pink snowball wrapped in gloom that i can understand 

there’s a hidden serene and hushed city in you

for all the wrong reasons, i was there to define what wrong love is

you deserve a little of me and i deserve a little of you.

Life of an invisible




on the last chapter of this story book but it’s still not ending

the sound of her unuttered words, i could hear through the walls and streets

the melancholy is always there to make you feel cold about yourself

something about goodbye moments, they never stay

why does my diary page turns black when, I start to write

At 2 am in the desert and finding the possibility to live even with water and food

the midnight knackered travelers telling the stories of missing ones

and no one can forget the friday sunset that was flamboyant and spunky

the cloud above me following people and trying and putting together the broken pieces of the universe

all those grotty roads will never going to take to your destination

noticing both eyes that are giving you the signal of confirmation

designs you made on the notebook, when you just wanted to hide that name

you love flowers and you kept plucking them

that’s what your love is to people, you keep hurting them

a question remains always a question when you don’t find the right answer

it’s like your body needs you but can’t really connect to it.

Dou Hath

may kya likh sakti hu, meray hath tu khud azad nahin. yeh woh kahaniyan sunatey hain jo aksar log suna pasand nahin kartey. meray hath tu roz nayi kahaniyan sunatey hain, kabhi dhoop sey jali hui tu kabhi karz sey dabbi hui. yeh woh hath hain jo tanhai ko mehsoos kartey hain, ajeeb baat haai inki bhi thaaktey bhi nahin aur sootey bhi nahin bus likhna jantey hain. umer kay uss hissey may hain jaha yeh jantey nahin kay zindagi kaisey guzari jayen. sari raat yeh torr maroor kar woh khuwab dekhtey hain jinki jagah yeh bana nahin saktey.
yeh woh hath hain kay jin pay mehdi nahin dhool aur mitti lag jaati haai. darwazey ki khat khat sey, waha pahuchanay tak ka safar tey kar letey hain. yeh tu awaaz sun kar parinday ka bata detey hain. yeh woh hain jo asmaan ko dekh kar barish kay barasnay ka bata detey hain. kuch log inhey galat samjh letey hain, shayad koi bhool kar bethey hain. tu kahani kuch yun haai, kay subha subha yeh hath uthey he apnay aur auro kay kam may lag jaatey hain. kuch waqt agar apnay liye milay bhi tu yeh bus kam he kartey hain.

subha ki chai sey le kar agli subha ki chai tak, yeh kam karna he jantey hain. roti khud ko milay na milay, yeh auro ko khilana jantey hain. jahro, poocha, bartan, kaprey aur handi jaisey, yeh kuch lafaz meri zindagi ka koi eham hisaa hou.

jab bhi kabhi may samnay waley makan may koyla jalta dekhti hu, tu mujh uss may apna akas nazar aata haai.

cooker ki sitti sey le kar ghar ki ghanti tak, may har cheez ko sambhalna janti hu. apnay khuwabo ko jab may uss chulay may jalta dekhti hu, tu humesha ulti ankh sey ansoo ajata haai.

table pay rakhay huway uss shehed kay daabay sey girta hua woh thora sa shehed chaknay kay baad ehsaas hua kay abbhi bhi zindagi may thori meethaas baki haai.

kam khatam kar kar, jab wapasi may ghar jana hota haai tu, woh bus jo haazaro logo ka intezar karti haai rozana, woh ajj meray liye bhi aae thi. uss bus ki khirki sey bahar jab bhi dekhti hu, tu lagta haai yeh duniya bhi meri tarah majboor haai.

apnay ghar aakar jo sakoon mujh milta haai, woh sakoon mujh uss khuboosrat aur khamosh jheel kay pass beth kar bhi nahin milta haai. woh teen chehrey jo may subha chor kar jaati hu, woh raat may wapas anay kay baad bhi muskuratey huway miltey hain, meray bachay.

meray shoq ko log chota samjhtey hain, kay khansaman sirf musafir khano may he kam kar saktey hain, gharo may khana pakanay waley thori khansaman hotey hain.

woh khana jab may apnay bacho ko bana kar khilati hu, tu jo khushi mujh milti haai, woh shayad musafir khano may kam kar kay bhi na milay.

massi hona ya ban jana koi burai nahin lakin mashrey ka mujh har pal rokna ek bari burai haai. apnay khuwabo ko duniya kay samnay pura karna shayad mushkil haai, magar ghar may choti jagah he sahi adhurey khuwabo ka mukammil hojana, koi choti baat nahin.

in dou hathon ki kahani haqiqat sey dour nahin haai, meri manzil ab dour nahin haai.

Finding, my child


crossing the river every night

and telling the child it’s not that far

we will reach

the minorities, i see doesn’t resemble much to me

the lips could abut the ground

weary because hearing the word search makes me indisposed

a boy shouting somewhere in the waves

find me, can you hear me

i could hear the sky crying

water drops on my skin

the silence of the sea was shattering me

love was unconditional between us

maybe it’s just another hide and seek game you’re playing 

but baby, i don’t understand 

all the toys you played once are now defunct 

from blue to red the colours are changing twice 

i still carry those saccharine words of yours with me 

i remember your face when you told me it’s okay to miss someone 

the eyes are filled with tears 

like my life is filled with desolation 

 those little hands of my boy 

will they paint my sky again

will they meet again.

we need to free the birds 

the orange cap is waiting outside your home

describing all the opportunities you never avail

life is still making sense 

you try to elucidate yourself in a word 

but you know you’re an obscure book having millions of ideas about how to survive in a world 

you planned your life and already you have seen your stupendous future

you’re not the only dreamer here

there’s a battle of combatants vanquishing each other

come out of your comfort zone and test yourself 

listening to your favourite song thousand times in a day won’t heal the agony 

there’s a part of you who’s grappling everyday and then there’s a part of you who want to sit back and watch the world

you need to keep dreaming that the universe will speak about you one day

push the reality in you fight, cry, sacrifice, inhale it, throw it, and even die for it

don’t let yourself sink, don’t allow your fears to come in your way

live like you never lived before and dream like you did it.

Baking biscuits 

‘baking biscuits’

hours and hours sitting on my favourite blue bench 

weather is so tranquil that i want to die with my anxiety 

sooner or later i have to decide whether it’s going to be good for me or not

my round shaped chips are about to finish, and the supermarket is too far from my home

i step outside and i see people of different and hideous shades of black 

maybe living in my own spurious stories make me feel existent 

day to day when i read them thunderously standing in front of my oven 

oh, i think there’s something going wrong it seems iffy 

the biscuits, i baked are kinda look like me mushy, broken and crestfallen 

what i learned from baking biscuits is that maybe it’s too arduous to do what you want to do 

but somehow you will manage to do something in life

it doesn’t really matter what’s the size of the biscuit is, untill it tastes good to people.

The Everyday Story


to the world in me that i see, impaired and agitated

and i walk miles and miles everyday just to hear my voice

asking myself what can i do

how can i be me again

approaching my childhood and my adulthood

adjusting both sides of my life so that i can meet the society standards

the balloons that i bought for my birthday are giving me the pessimistic vibes about my future

my hair are tangled and grubby like they are having a war on their own

clocks of my home are showing the wrong time as if the numbers are trying to show something else

bathroom doors are open because they descried the pang in my body

last night i drunk a glass full of my different characters,which i don’t remember today

dvds and cassette tapes i play every day to reconcile the constant problems of my life

putting fair creams and salves so that, they may help to conceal the scars on my skin

watching the bird sleeping peacefully outside my window and hoping i will be like him someday.


woh teri yaad

shor bhi tha, aur shoq bhi tha
yaar bhi thay, jawaani bhi thi

daastan kuch purani haai

sadeeyon sey chal nay wali kahani haai

shuruwat hui thi chai sey,

piyaliyon may dosti hui asey

phir woh shaam bhi aani thi

kisi ki yaad tu aani thi

‘masroof hu’ tu ek bahaana tha

tum nay tu bus jana tha

ajab guman tha ka laut aungi 

anjaan thi kay dosti dekha jaogi

haan raat bhi udaas thi

shayad tum woh wajah thi.